The Square Pub

3 days 2 nights

Chile Roast 2018


why go all the way to New Mexico for something found right here in Georgia?

Hatch, New Mexico is the ‘Napa Valley’ of chile peppers. Hatch green chile has the best flavor and the most variety. There's a whole culture to how it's selected, prepared and consumed, and you'll be able to see the entire process happen here during our annual chile roast.

After hand-selecting the chiles and personally transporting them the 1,506 miles between Hatch and Decatur, we hand-crank chile roaster on the plaza outside the pub’s front doors and begin roasting. Imagine a bingo ball cage but with flame throwers underneath. Truly a sight to see and a smell you will never forget.

The roast begins Friday afternoon with highlights of the weekend including:

  • special chile-inspired food and drink menu items that blend southern and southwestern cuisine

  • green chile beers

  • packaged chiles to go

  • giveaways and door prizes

  • a mariachi band

  • beer specials from participating brewers



If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know! We're looking for folks to work four hour blocks on Friday night and various shifts Saturday. You'll get to be a part of the festivities and receive a Square Pub gift card as a thank you.



For chile orders, available sizes include 2 lbs., 5 lbs., half-sack (17.5 lbs.) and full-sack (35 lbs.). We'll update you on specific prices in the coming days.